A clean HubSpot website theme designed for B2B SaaS companies

Atlas has everything a small to mid-size B2B software company needs to go to market.

Atlas Page Previews

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What's Included

39 Advanced Modules

Atlas Pro has advanced modules including a pricing comparison table, language switcher and timeline.

13 Page Templates

Homepages, product feature pages, pricing, detached landing pages, resource downloads, demo requests, blogs, and much more.

13 System Templates

404 error, 500 error, email subscription preferences, email subscriptions confirmation, membership login, and much more.


21 Premade Page Sections

Hero Banners, Featured Resources, Offer Section, Product Features, Testimonials Section, Meet Our Team, and much more.


On-scroll animation library

Make your pages come to life with an advanced library of on-scroll animations and easing effects that can be applied to most modules.

Design assets available in Figma

All of Atlas Pro’s design assets are available in Figma for agencies that need rapid prototyping and page mockup abilities for their clients.